At NTUC Income, we believe everyone should have a sound retirement plan they can rely on. No matter what age you are or how much you are earning, you too can retire comfortably, if you start now.

With our FlexRetire and SAIL plan, you can choose when to retire, and enjoy regular payouts to fund your desired retirement lifestyle.

Taking away the complexity of investment away from you, Aim Series is a range of five investment funds that helps you to achieve each milestone in your life.

Whichever stage you are in life, you can always look forward and plan for your retirement years.

Aim Series is a range of 5 investment funds that helps you to achieve your retirement goals. The funds offer a one-stop solution with a multi-asset strategy geared for a specific retirement date.

It takes the complexity of investment away from you, leaving you free to dream and plan for the joys of retirement. With Aim Series, you’re free to choose a plan to best meet your needs depending on when you plan to reap the benefits: Aim Now; Aim 2015; Aim 2025; Aim 2035 or Aim 2045.

Instant & Ongoing Diversification with Dynamic, Constant Rebalancing

As you approach your goal, your investments in Aim Series will include more conservative income assets, such as bonds and cash, and less of potentially volatile assets such as equities and other alternative assets. With this mix, you can limit your risks, while gaining potential returns to meet your financial target.

Two Ways to Invest in the Aim Series

You can take advantage of the Aim series through VivoLink, a regular savings plan, if you want to set aside money on a regular basis, or GrowthLink, a single premium plan, if you already have a lump sum to kick-start your investment

For more details on GrowthLink, click here.

For more details on VivoLink, click here.


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